Published: Monday, 10 January 2022

Greetings everyone, I would like to start by taking this opportunity to thank Chief Owen Collins for his hard work and dedication to the association over the past several years. His contribution to the fire services has been outstanding and will always be appreciated; we wish him well in his retirement. As President, I will work diligently with the executive to continue to provide support, leadership, and commitment to our members as we navigate through the pandemic. Our priority is always the well being of our members, their families, and the community at large.

As we prepare for our 2022 conference, we want to advise our members of the of the other items the executive has been working on. We have recently formed a Leadership Committee; this committee will provide recommendations to the Executive Board of Directors on leadership development training and professional development of fire officers and potential officers within the fire service. Our focus will be on shaping the future of leadership within the fire services, engaging today’s talent within the fire services, preparing the next generation for leadership, and sharing knowledge and insight using a collaborative approach in an effort to achieve the objectives of the MFCA leadership mandate.

In addition, we are also working on organizing a Sprinkler Summit for the fall, updating our website and are presently engaged in developing a Winter/ Spring virtual training opportunity with an in-person component if the pandemic situation allows the MFCA to do it safely (keep an eye out for details coming shortly!).

Although we have had to shift the way we have had to carry out our business over the last couple of years, the executive has been working hard to enhance the support and resources for its members. We look forward to coming together this summer and fall for two exception gatherings which will be full of knowledge, resources and in-person collaboration.

I look forward to leading this association, with the executive board, into a future full of enthusiasm, support, and strong leadership!

Take care and be safe.


Chief Vince MacKenzie