The Maritime Association of Fire Chiefs has been a strong advocate and supporter of education programs for it’s members and those officers or officer candidates who strive to improve their administrative skills. In addition to financial support of program development through Henson College, the MFCA has been a direct supporter of students through educational assistance for tuition costs.

This policy outlines the MFCA’s continued support of educational assistance including controls that allow accountability of the disbursement of funds.


Course Assistance Policy


1. Objective

The objective of the Educational Assistance Program is to provide financial assistance to fire service personnel who wish to improve their understanding of modem fire service management through formal education.


2. Eligibility

Applicants wishing to apply for course assistance shall:

2.1 be a member of the MFCA, or

2.2 have attained the a rank in the fire service making the applicant eligible for membership in the MFCA, or

2.3 have minimum of 5 years service in a fire department

2.4 Submit a letter of recommendation from a chief officer of the fire department the applicant presently is associated with and submit a letter of sponsorship from a member of the Maritime Fire Chiefs Association.

2.5 Membership in the MFCA is not a prerequisite for financial assistance but is strongly recommended as a means of on-going career development for volunteer and career officers and those aspiring to become officers.


3. Availability of Funding

3.1 The funds available for educational assistance are limited to the allocation made in the annual budget of the Maritime Fire Chief s Association.

3.2 An application for educational assistance from the MFCA under this policy, does not presume there is any obligation for the MFCA to provide any funding to said applicant.

3.3 The MFCA may reimburse a candidate up to a maximum of 50% of the cost of course tuition and books for the following programs:

Certificate in Fire Service Administration (Henson College)

Certificate in Fire Service Leadership (Henson College)

3.4 Funding will not be considered for any programs or courses other than the above.

3.5 Funding will not be considered for such expenses as travel, accommodations, and/or any other personal expenses.


4. Granting Criteria

4.1 Educational Assistance packages will be available from the Secretary-Treasurer of the Maritime Fire Chiefs Association.

4.2 Completed applications shall be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer at least 60 days before the course begins.

4.3 The Training & Education Committee will examine all documentation and recommend that the Secretary-Treasurer make a grant to those candidates the Committee feels fulfil the objectives of the program.

4.4 Committee action will require agreement by majority with a minimum of three (3) committee members polled.

4.5 Any applicants rejected shall have the right to appeal in writing to the Executive Committee of the MFCA.


Application packages shall be acquired from and returned to the Secretary-Treasurer of the MFCA. The package shall include a copy of the policy, application guidelines and an application form. Please note instructions contained in these guidelines and the application form. Please download the Application for Educational Assistance Grant by clicking the link above. Save it to your computer, print it out, fill it in and Submit application and required documentation to:


Maritime Fire Chiefs Association
PO Box 6
Dartmouth, NS
B2Y 3Y2