President's Update

Charlie Kavanaugh DSC 0042w

During the last year we have made a few modifications to try to keep up with changing times. We are trying a new schedule for our conference, by having the activities during the weekend to accommodate the volunteer members and possibly recruit more. We are holding our board meetings in a more central location to cut down on expenses.

We are working with our partners to support initiatives important to today’s fire service. We are in the planning stages of our next MFCA Training Tour. Our attendance at all Provincial Association meetings in since 2016 the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs annual conference and Government Relations Week allowed us to network with our peers nationally to learn issues and advancements through the country. This year in the nations capital for Government Relations Week many topics were discussed between Fire Chiefs and MP’s. The following were the main topics on the agenda:

-Mental Health concerns

-Retaining the Volunteer Tax Credit

-Changing the mandate for the HUSAR teams and the possibility of adding a fifth team

-Having some input to the changes of the National building code.

 I would like to congratulate the Dieppe Fire Department for hosting the 2017 conference in Moncton where we will also be returning for our 2018 Conference July 13–16. With the results of surveys that has been taken following the 2017 conference, we will make changes recommended by membership. We encourage all members of the fire service, from Chiefs to Rookies, to attend the conference and take advantage of our excellent speakers. MFCA has the largest Fire Service trade show in Atlantic Canada with booths manned by some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry allowing you the opportunity to see all the latest equipment on the market and talk to the people who use this equipment. We are thankful to the exhibitors who attend, assist us with our questions and keep us informed of new technologies.

We are always looking to strengthen fire services in the Maritimes and you can help us do this by becoming a member of MFCA. We have various types of memberships catering to anyone involved in the fire services including Chief Officers, Firefighters, Company Officers and Corporate Sponsors. We encourage you to please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or speak with one of the executive if you want more information or are interested in becoming a member.

In closing I would like to invite you to follow us through social media on Facebook and Twitter and check out our website at



MFCA President 

Fire Chief Charles Kavanaugh