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President's Update

Charlie Kavanaugh DSC 0042w

 Welcome to the website of the Maritime Fire Chiefs Association.

I am pleased to have the opportunity to serve as President of this organization. I plan on working with the executive and board of directors as a team to see the progress of the association. ‎

We are trying to get some quality speakers to come to centralized locations in each province to speak on different issues relating to today's firefighters. Today's fires are very different than the fires of a hundred years ago, they burn hotter, faster and produce much more toxic elements that put us at risk. The number of actual fires is down drastically at the same time even with all the advances in our PPE's more firefighters are getting hurt more frequently than in the past. With the fast pace of today we are also finding it hard to find people to fill our vacancies in many volunteer departments. Our focus should be FF safety, and recruitment & retention of FF's.

If you have any topics that you like us to cover, feel free to contact either myself or your provincial representative.


MFCA President 

Fire Chief Charles Kavanaugh


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